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Dahn Juhn Ki Bub

Ki Breathing Exercises

Ki (pronounced like key) is the Korean term that internal training revolves around. Often described as a mysterious inner energy force, ki is the source of “internal power” and is tied closely to the cardio-pulmonary system, i.e. breathing and blood circulation. To become a proficient martial artist, one must develop ki through meditation and special breathing exercises.

Performing these breathing exercises allows the practioner to use this internal energy as a powerful supplement to his or her own physical strength. Additionally, there are specific tech- niques that develop the ability to collect ki in the lower abdominal area, then direct it to whatever part of the body needs it. The Ki-Hap (a loud yell performed in a quick burst) which is done during the practice of both forms and techniques, and especially prior to breaking, enables one to focus and use ki as an external expression of this powerful energy.

Breath-control exercises such as these provide an opportunity for you to clear your mind, which will improve your ability to focus and concentrate. The excercises also tone and strengthen internal organs, and according to asian folklore, those who develop a strong ki will enjoy long and healthy lives.