Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be in shape to join a martial arts program?

Absolutely not. Martial arts is one of the best ways to get into shape. Don't wait, act now!

Will I have to do jumping kicks?

No. Everyone is encouraged to undertake the training as their own journey of self improvement and not compare themselves to others. The great thing about our curriculum is that we condition the body during the first 6 months to enable you to reach higher levels of training. However, if you never do a jump kick, that doesn’t hinder your progress or subtract any benefits and values that you receive from your training.

I see that you do meditation, does this involve any religious connotations?

No. The meditation is simply a deeper form of concentration incorporating lower abdominal breathing exercises.

How do I find the right martial art studio for myself or my child?

The quality of things that you want to look for are listed below:


Separate children and adult classes
Separate Beginner and Advanced classes
Good Instructor-to-Student ratio


Pleasant personality
Enthusiastic and encouraging
Inspirational and motivating
Gentle, but firm
Ability to demonstrate the techniques
Interested in helping you achieve your goals


Strong emphasis on safety
Positive and upbeat


Taught in a logical and safe manner
Not a mix of styles with conflicting concepts
Not focused primarily on fighting
Capable of helping you to achieve your goals


A GOOD VALUE FOR THE SERVICE YOU RECEIVE. Unfortunately, the general public doesn't know one martial art from another. The important thing is to visit and try out the different schools you are interested in before making the decision to sign up. Similar to buying a car, you wouldn't just call and purchase the lowest priced vehicle you could find, you’d want to see it first and take it for a test drive.

Sound Interesting? To see if you qualify, contact Kuk-Sool of Costa Rica at the number that appears above in the header. Don't wait, call now!