Currently, we only offer lessons via private instruction.

But qualifying is easy, simply call or e-mail to find out if you are eligible to begin your training.

We are located in the capital city of San José, in the beautiful country of Costa Rica.

If you aren't located in Costa Rica, please realize that it doesn't have city codes, but has instituted a prefix to distinguish land-line phones from cell phones. So once you've accessed international long-distance, you will only need to dial the country code [506] then this prefix (2 or 8) and finally the 7-digit phone number. But since you're obviously online, if you don't feel the need to actually speak with someone, save some money and send us an e-mail (or better yet, just use our Handy Contact Form).

Here is our contact info:

Phone: 506   8-387-6056


The Black Belt Class

Youth Classes

Youth Classes are exciting lessons designed for the unique needs of our younger martial art students. Ample attention is given each student based on their abilities, needs, and learning levels. Tremendous emphasis is placed on respect, dedication, hard work, and having fun while learning. Each lesson reinforces respect for one’s family, school, and country, as well as Kuk-Sool. Safety, a priority in all classes, is a vital concern in the youth class.

Private Instruction

Kuk-Sool offers Private Instruction for youth or adults who want an individualized program. Private instruction may be appropriate when a student doesn't feel comfortable in a regular class or has physical limitations that may require special attention or modification of the movements. Most students who take private lessons are seeking direct, one-on-one instruction that provides more interaction with the teacher. Private lessons are usually more intense and faster-paced, and enable students to achieve more refined techniques.

Self-Defense Classes

Self-defense classes focus on helping students learn to identify threatening situations and to develop the necessary skills to protect themselves from a physical attack. The training is also designed to help instill self-confidence, self-discipline, and the calm self-assurance that in a dangerous situation, you can often do more than you think you can.