Introduction to Kuk-Sool

What is Kuk-Sool?

A Comprehensive Martial Arts System

Kuk-Sool is an extensive martial arts system that is derived from the rich and varied martial art techniques and traditions that have arisen in Korea throughout the ages. Kuk-Sool is not a sport, nor is it simply another oriental self defense method, it is a comprehensive martial art that is dedicated to the cultivation of mental and physical well-being and to the preservation of traditions utilized in Korean Martial Arts.

For self defense, Kuk-Sool is unsurpassed. It combines kicking, punching, throwing, falling, choking, joint-locking and a myriad of weapons techniques into a beautiful and dynamic style that emphasizes speed and fluidity. In conjunction with the physical training, meditation, acupressure/acupuncture, and special breathing techniques, are employed to improve and maintain health, develop internal power, and retard the aging process.

Philosophically, Kuk-Sool stresses humility, self-discipline, loyalty and respect for others. Together, all of these aspects allow Kuk-Sool to provide the means for attaining a long and healthy life.

While Kuk-Sool may contain certain elements specific to other styles of martial arts, it goes far beyond the range of other martial art styles. For example: Tae Kwon Do is mostly kicking, Judo is mostly throwing, Hapkido is mostly joint-locking, etc., but Kuk-Sool incorporates all of these elements and emphasizes each. Kuk-Sool covers every aspect of martial arts in order to give the practitioner and student a more thorough understanding in regards to the broader range of martial art theory and technique (see comparison chart below).

Comparison Chart